Have you been struggling with your animal constantly chewing and licking themselves? Follow this link below find out some reasons why this may be happening. 

Itching and Scratching?  We can help take care of this problem with easy solutions. 

You just adopted a new kitten into your life, have you ever owned a cat before? Some people haven't, and we all have a lot of questions. Check out this link below, get the 12 most commonly asked questions answered about your kitten.

Will my kittens eyes stay blue?

Cats are either, the funniest cutest silly creatures or they are not nice and like to hiss and growl at everything. Have you ever wondered why your cat does the things he does? Follow this awesome link for some great acrticles giving you the answers to why your cat does what he does.

Why does my cat....?

It's up to you! Do you know how to cut your dogs nails? What about your cat? It can be a difficult task for some, we are more than happy to provide you with that service. If you'd like to learn some pointers and do them yourself, take a peak at this video link below. 

Cutting your dogs nails.

Cutting your cats nails.

We think getting your animal spayed or neutered is a great idea, although we do love kittens and puppies. There are many health benefits to getting your animal fixed today. We would love to help you understand why. We provided a link below for you to learn some more information on how important it really is.

Why is it important to spay or neuter my animals?

Do you brush your teeth? How about your pets teeth? Some people do brush there animals teeth, that's awesome! keep up the good work! However, bringing your animal in to get a deep cleaning dental is a great idea. There are many health risks with leaving bacteria in the mouth to grow. Here at our practice we want to keep your animal healthy and happy. We can clean your pets teeth for you, we also have an abundance of great foods, and wipes to help keep your pets mouth in good shape. Listed here below is an article from VetStreet they have great information on why it is important to keep your animals mouth clean.

At what age should I get my animals teeth cleaned?

We all love giving our furry friend bones to chew on. Rawhides are usually the go-to bones to give to your animal. Have you ever stopped and thought about what is in the bones that you give to your animal, is it really good for them or is it dangerous. We have many other options to keep your pet occupied located at our hospital here. Make sure you know what youre paying for, and get the correct product that is safe for your pet. This link below will give you some great pointers on what rawhide is suitable for your pet.

Which rawhide is okay for my pet?